part110 are you satisfied?

Friday, 21st, May, 2010. My back
was extra bad today and I had to painfully roll my sweaty person out of bed to
get to work. I thought about calling in sick but I thought that I could not be bothered
to do it. My first class at Jin pan when well. It was grade 4 and all of them
where misbehaving. I was in no mood to try and control the class so I just told
them all to stand up and if they managed to stay silent for a whole minute then
they could sit down. For the whole 40 minutes they talked. I was perfectly
content to just lean against my desk and I blissfully day dreamed about the nap
I was going to have when I went back home. They must just love standing up.
Almost the same thing happened in the next class, one of my students said “ahh
white people are a problem”, this little rat face 10 year old spat this out in
my direction, thinking that I could not understand. I was enraged and I grabbed
him by his arm and dragged him out and over his desk and sent him to the teacher’s


Later in the evening I taught at new window
with a small group of adults. One of them called Richard kept on saying that
being an English teacher was the easiest job in the world, he also kept on
laughing at one of the other students when she was talking about being a house
wife, “ha ha are you satisfied being a house wife?”, he asked he in a condescending
voice. I am afraid Richard personifies everything I hate about China. He is
just rude only cares about money and just puts everyone’s back up. I took solace
in the fact that he probably has a very small penis “ Ha ha are you satisfied
with your small willy?”. Apart from that the adult class was good if a little
lack luster. By the end of two hours everyone was very tired and they looked
like they wanted to go to sleep.


Later I met Lindsey, Kyle, Sarah and Megan
at a small cocktail bar. While we were all sitting outside a middle aged man
stopped on the street and stared at us all. Not an unusual occurrence but then
he just kept on starring for ages and then reached onto the table and took Lindsey’s
cigarettes and lighter, drew one out, lit one for himself and then said thank
you and left. It was most bizarre. Sarah thought he was probably a mad man, by
the look in his eyes and the silly grin on his face.


Several cocktails later we all bundled into
a taxi and journeyed home. On the way I noticed a girl on the back of a motor
bike wearing a pair of black and white checkered high heels. I thought they were
rather nice so I shouted at her as we drove past “I like your shoes!”, then
when we over took her a second time I shouted the same thing in Mandarin “ Wo
xi yuan ni de shie!”, Then Lindsey told me how to say the same thing in French
but I am afraid it just came out as “ jrgiu wndowu wjwx”. I thought after that
maybe I was trying to equalizes all the times random people have shouted things
on the street to me. But then again it could have just been because I was a bit


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