part109, bad back

Thursday, 21st, May, 2010. As I
was in the shower today when I pulled my upper back. I tried to arch it in a
stretch but something went twang and then seized up immediately “oh fiddle
sticks!” I thought to myself.


I remember standing in front of my grade one
class with a rigidly erect back, most of the students had wet hair because of
the heat and sweat, they where all agitated and restless. I didn’t really teach
much. I just walked around the class asking simple questions. I was very grateful
to the class for being on the same page as me. They didn’t misbehave they just
quietly sat there probably doing their best to stay cool. There is one particularly
spirited young individual in my class. A small boy with big magnifying glasses
which makes his eyes look abnormally large. He always puts his hand up when I
need someone to come up front for a demo but he never knows what to do. He just
runs up to the front of the class and when I ask him the question he just
giggles and stairs at me. It can me very irritating but today when I called him
up he bolted out of his chair and as be bounded up to the front of the class he
shouted at me “Thank you penis!”, Bearing in mind that this is a 6 years old
boy. I had the giggles for the rest of the class. I just found it so funny; it
must have been a slip of the tongue, I cannot imagine him learning that word
anywhere, also he didn’t look like he knew what he was saying, he just had a
sweet grin on his face.


I had a chat with Kyle in-between classes
and he told me about another school stabbing in the south of China. I did
notice that most of the guards at the Shuang Dao School have cattle prods and
the rest have truncheons. It’s a bit scary; I have started to become a bit
concerned about it all.


I had my last class which was grade 3. They
were also a bit restless but not too bad. I was on auto pilot. My classroom
assistant Mr. Yi was in a proper rage today. He was hitting student’s right in
the face and there was one student who particularly felt the back of his hand throughout
the class. He was being a little shit but I still though Mr. Yi was being a bit
excessive. He also renched a few students out of their seats and slammed them
against the window. I didn’t really know what to do. He was controlling the
trouble makers and I knew that you cannot really confront a fellow teacher in


Bad things happen when good people do


3 thoughts on “part109, bad back

  1. nothing happens unless some one does something.Does that some one have to be me I have asked myself many times,no reply is the usuall answer, but some times I have stuck my neck out with the force behind me and have not regretted it. Could you talk to him out side of lessons and get your point over, or is there a senior member of staff who gives a shit? Its allways a trickey one.Up to you old bean.DAD

  2. Ah Tim . The heat brings out the worst in some .[ Dax laughed when I quizzed him about his schooling . He didn’t seem to think it did anyone any harm for heavens sake .]This is not a quarrel you can win …your sensitivity is cultural and will not be understood or tolerated . You were right not to challenge him in front of the students , It is also not right to go behind his back , lord knows wot hornets nests you might poke . It would probably end up in a power struggle if you talked to him face to face ..but most of all ,the hostility you generate by questioning an accepted practice could well make matters worse ie he might feel obliged to become even more whacky just to make the point that you are a sanctimonious foreigner .[ which you are ]Choose your battles wisely .[can’t remember who said that ]

  3. perhaps the greatest help you can be to the children is not to seccumb to bad temper your selfas Ian Dury sung , I believe in being kind especially when its hard.Kindness and generousity of self please god I am sure.Easy words I know, put into action, refine the man, and asked what is the point of life, perhaps to refine our selves a bit and inspire others, and a phrase I remember well about what happens after death, you return to energy and light,where time and space have no meaning. DAD

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