17th, May, 2010. Another day at Mai Shi School, the heat has gone through
the roof again. I have noticed that it comes in waves. For about 5 days it’s
hot then for the next 3 r 4 days it’s slightly less hot. I have developed a
kind of heat rash all over my body; I have small red spots which itch when they
are touched my cloths. It’s not very pleasant but it’s not as bad as I remember
chicken pocks or flees being. After class Vicky (the other English teacher) and
I got a taxi back together because we live in the same area. Vicky told me a
rather disturbing story about one of her kindergarten lessons. A teacher had
taken aside a naughty student and began to repeatedly slap him in the face and pulled
his hair and ears, and then she got a pair of scissors and threatened to cut
him. Then she put the scissors over her finger and pretended to cut herself until
all the students chanted “ wo men bu hao” ( we are bad, we are bad). She also
told me that her Chinese mother in law laughed when she heard this and
continuing to laugh she told Vicky about many other punishment for children,
Like celli taping them to the floor( Personally I think that one is pretty
funny), then there are the bunny hops which you do until you are exhausted. I
suppose when you have grown up in such a harsh place when you didn’t know if
you were going to eat and the whole country was in turmoil, the odd bit of mild
child torture does not seem like a big deal.

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