Sunday, 16th, May, 2010. Kyle and
I went wind surfing today. There was no wind so instead we went out on the
paddle boards. It was good exercise and got rid of my head ache very quickly.
Leaving behind the struggling wind surfers I paddled out to where the large
ships where docked. I watched as grizzly seamen glowered at me from there rusty
giant ships. Tanned wiry men eating from metal tins, some swabbing the decks,
others washing up, others throwing god know what out over into the sea. It was
brilliant to be all alone on the sea, I lay down on the board and watched the
white clouds as they hung motionless in the sky, Then I got bored and tried to
stand up on my board. It worked for a bit but then I fell off and swallowed
some really ruff sea water. It was super salty and I tried not to imagine what
the sailors had thrown overboard not so far away.


On the way home I stopped off to get a
bottle of coke from a small shop. The glass counter which displays the cigarettes
to customers was also displaying a boy who must have been about 7 years old
with nothing but a vest on. He was lying chest down with his little bottom in
the air and unfortunately I could also see his willy. His mother gave a very
half arsed attempt to persuade him to get off but it didn’t work and the boy
just lay there with a grumpy look on his face.


One thought on “part105

  1. If you ever suspect food or water poisoning , then you may take an abundance of Oxytech [if you read the blurb you will be perfectly informed ]More vivid brushstrokes

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