Saturday, 15th, May.

Oh sweet sweet lye in! I got up at about
11:00 and grabbed a cold one and plunked myself in front of the TV and watched
Old school and the 40 year old virgin. Then in the evening Lindsey, Kyle, Sarah
myself and Megan went out for a meal at a northern Chinese style restaurant. Megan
is Lindsey friend who has just come to visit for a holiday. I brought along a
hellish bottle of the rice wine to the meal, much to the anguish of poor Kyle
who hates the stuff. We had a quick shot before the food came and if someone were
to have looked over at our table at that split second they would have thought
it was a table full of mental people. There were a lot of groins and involuntary
head spasms as the rice straining slithered down our throats. Burning all the
way down


In fact there were a few people watching
us. I could tell the three men at the other table where from the north, just
from the amount of alcohol on their table. One of the red faced men shouted at
me in thick northern mandarin “you teach my daughter English in grade 3”, I was
amazed that he knew this. Maybe his daughter described me well, but then again
I don’t think there are many people who look like me around here, not many
brown haired red face tall Chinese to speak of in these parts. “She loves your
class”, Said the man “your daughters class are very well behaved and fun”, I
shouted back at him. This was a lie, her class was very difficult and I have an
assistant who basically spends the 40 minutes trying to control the class while
I attempt to teach.


The Man brought us a load of beer and we
spent a good half an hour filling up each other’s glasses and downing them
quickly and shaking hands, Just before he and his crew left he even tried to
pay for our meal but Sarah had already paid in advance. It was a very typical
northern thing to do and I made me fondly reminisce about Sarah’s home town.


Later we all went to a bar and I introduced
the English drinking game “Ping Pang Pong”, I think it’s possibly the best
drinking game ever. Within a short period of time everyone was utterly shit
faced on Vodka and beer. We ordered oysters and peanuts and when it was all
over we staggered back to our respective homes and I for one passed out almost
as soon as I got into bed


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