Thursday,14th, May, 2010

hi, tim,

pls read the reply noted coloured as following:

Catherine Zhang 张葵
Hainan New Window Language Training School
Hainan New Window Inv. Con. Co., Ltd.
86-898-66211101, 66215701

10512日,周三, tim johnson <> 写道:

发件人: tim johnson
主题: RE: 回复: Tim calling
日期: 2010512,周三,下午5:09

Hi Catherine,

I didnt really understand your email. We should have a chat face to face soon.
I just wanted to email you so that I can clearly state how I feel.

In March I worked here I did 83 hours work and because it stated in the
contract that I should only work for 70 hours I expected 13 hours over pay.



yes, so this is clear, ur contract
said: during ur  probation period, ur stndard work load is 70 hours, so we
paid u 13 hours over pay.

When you paid me for the first month it showed that you had paid me accorting
to if I had a 80 hours a month contract. Then I rememberd that you had told me
that my probation period was over. So I assumed that I had already started a 80
hours a month contract.


Reply: at the end of March, ur first
month work, we see you are serious to ur work, even u need more experience, so
we did exception, and told u: u have passed probation period. so we tried hard
to get ur work permit and work visa. so, we arranged ur April Schedule as 80

In April on my scheduals it said that my standard working hours were 80 a
month. I contacted you near the end of the month and asked for less hours for
the following month. If you check our emails, you said that from May I would be
back to 70 hours a month. Even though I only work 71 hours in April I still
thought that you would pay me for 80 hours because you said that I had finished
my probation period, also I remember you saying that even if there is not much
work teachers still get paid according to the monthly salary.



on 25 April, u asked for modify the
signed contract, not work 80 hours, so we agreed, and i told Vivi, Tracy, Susan
before i reply ur e-mail. so, we cancelled some course in ur arranged schedule,
also, we did not arrange the new course to you, even in April, as Shuangdao
middle term exam and cancelled some course, and each teacher has no enough
standard work load, we could added new course to make up, but as u said u do
not want to work 80 hours, so we added the new course to the other teachers.
now, i noticed ur email was on 25 April, so, i made mistake, ur April schedule
still should be 80 hours paymment RMB 4500. even u only worked 71.3 hours.


So, this afternoon, i will transfer
the lessed money to ur account.




Then you paid me for 70 hours in April.

Can you see what I am saying?, Was I being paid for 80 hours the first month
and then 70 hours the second month?. Do you really think that is right?. 
I think the right thing to do would be to pay me either for both months being
at 70 hours a month(in which case you owe me more for the first month). Or you
pay me 80 hours for the first two months(in which case you owe me more for the
second month)

Please tell me, was I being paid for a 80 hour month the first month?.


Reply:  check ur account, u have got 70
hours payment ( 4000) plus 13 hours ( 1300) extra hours work. Less 500 yuan
load inadvance, less 1000 yuan for apartment deposit.

is this clear?

Honestly I dont care anymore, it was not nessasary to tell me about all the
nice things you have done for me. I know what you have done for me and I will
not forget it but it has nothing to do with how much I should get paid.


Reply: Tim, u are total wrong, even u
married a Chinese wife, u still do not understand Chinese culture. we never
have any idea to do exchange with contract. also, we never breach the contract
or modifiy the signed contract. we do respect and follow the contract. i asked
u did u get the meaning of the contract before we signed, u said yes. and we
hate the situation, some people only want to get the work vias and work permit,
and then just say bye, or asked the employer to follow the contract, but they,
just breach the contract, like do part time teaching, etc.


this things should be happened, it
made u and us feel very bad, 2 reason caused by: u asked modify the contraxt, i
was too busy, did not noted ur email was 25 April, and i told u ok from May.


so, really, hope such kinds of issues
will never happened again!!!


so, also, this this the last time to
discuss such kinds of unhappy mistakes, but still, one more thing, u need
confirm: u asked for work 70 hours, so u get 70 hours payment from May 2010.
pls reply to confirm this.



I just thought that you had made a genuin mistake with
the wages but it appears that you either think your right or you changed things
round so you could pay me less. You must do what you must. I do not want to
argue or talk about it anymore.

If you still think you dont owe me money then dont give it to me, I will not
talk about it anymore. I just want a simple life and it is not worth fighting
about a small amout of money.



Tim, it is not small money or big money problem, it is
the contract and honest, reputiation, we never paid less one yuan to any staffs
and teachers, never!!!


so, also, we feel u are honest and be serious to ur work,
and be hard working and trying most to teach well, for this, no change. so, i
understand ur feeling.


same, i did not mean try to cut ur salary or less pay,
the 2 reason above mentioned. so, i do care and also fell very upset, as u
misunderstood me.


anyhow, now, let us solve the problem in a simply and
quick way:


i correct my mistake, i will transfer the balance to your
account this afternoon.


u confirm thru this email, later pls sign the note to the
modification to the contract for u asked work for 70 hours, so u get 70 hours
payment: 4000. each month.


have a good day






Dear Catherine:

I have received 3648 yuan for my work in March. I checked with the bank.

As you said, you paid me 4000 yuan for 70 hours  and 1335 for over time
and 406 for taxi fare


And I need to pay you the deposite of the flat: 1000 yuan and 500 yuan that I
borrowed from you


Therefore  you should have paid me 4241 rather than 3648.

So for the first month you still owe me 593 yuan

and for the second month you owe me 500 yuan.

altogether 1093yuan.

Do you agree?.

In your last email you sounded angry and said you hope this does not happen
again. Why are you angry with me?, and I agree I hope you don’t make any 
more mistakes with my payment again. I do understand the contract and that is
why I realised that I was owed money by you.

You told me that I do not understand Chinese culture, yes you are right but why
are you telling me that? I should be the one who is angry with you. You made a
mistake and when I questioned you about it you start insulting me and send me
an angry email.

I do not need to get a work visa from you and then just leave. I can get a 1
year visa easily without your help.

I am now angry with you and it is entirly your fault for turning this into a
nasty thing.







Tim, yes i was upset, even the April paymnet is my fault,
the reason:

1) from ur email, it seems it was me intened to chect and
paid u less, but it wat not, i just followed ur request for still want work 70
hours. but i did not realized ur email was on 25 April, and i said ok from May.


2) i never used friendship or kindness to exchange work
and contract relations, also i never said to anyone what i did to u and ur
family, i just did what a Chinese usually do, always be nice or too nice to
foreigners. so when u wrote i need not mention how good i did to u, i really am


(ok, NEW Window school has a habit to send biirthday cake
or gift to teachers and staffs, sometimes forget as busy, but while that day
while i called ur wife to pick up ur birthday downstaires, she seemed unhappy,
let me really fell puzzle, so i just thought maybe this is culture difference.
so, we stop to do more for avoiding further misunderstanding.)


3) we never changed the contract for any other staffes
and teachers, but for u, the first exception as requested. but if u do not want
to work at our school or do not want we apply work visa for u, u really should
tell us at the first time, not now.


4) u are also the first teacher who passed try period
only in ome month and we trusted u very very much, otherwise i will not leave
my own house to ur family, i will not provide computer soon to u, i will not
answer ur request for not working 80 hours as the contract regulated.


so, yes, this time, it is my mistake caused by careless,
but if u still think i am such kinds of bad person, really mistake and hurt.


oyeasterday i called ur home and ur wife’s HP, i want to
listen why had such kinds of misunderstood, but she did not answer.


ok, hope later, we could have more on time communication,
no mistake and no misunderstanding.


have a good day




So that’s that. I am bored with the
subject. Its as if on one hand I really want to just explode and let out all my
frustration on Catherine, but on the other hand I am embarrassed that such a
trivial thing could affect me so much. Aren’t I bigger than this?.


I feel ashamed that I let this all turn
into this little shit storm. I honestly hate Catherine now. I didn’t really put
my back into any of my classes today. I tried in vain to teach my Junior grade
1 class the song “Gaudete”, Even though they are usually my best class they
where unruly, confused and dick headish this lesson. I really thought the song
would be a smash hit. Instead they just squawked like imbeciles, tone deaf,
robot muther fuckers. Why don’t you all just eat shit and die? It shows how bad
leadership can make or break a class. I felt like crying today, I felt like
running away. Just get a flight back to England and hide. I am down.


Whate’er is born of mortal birth
Must be consumed with the earth,
To rise from generation free:
Then what have I to do with thee?

The sexes sprung from shame and pride,
Blowed in the morn, in evening died;
But mercy changed death into sleep;
The sexes rose to work and weep.

Thou, mother of my mortal part,
With cruelty didst mould my heart,
And with false self-deceiving tears
Didst blind my nostrils, eyes, and ears,

Didst close my tongue in senseless clay,
And me to mortal life betray.
The death of Jesus set me free:
Then what have I to do with thee?

William Blake


5 thoughts on “part102

  1. This argument is getting really heavy. I honestly think you need to stop exchanging angry e-mails and insist on a face-to-face meeting so that you can sort out all the misunderstandings properly and hopefully kiss and make-up.

  2. ah Tim .Communication is so tricky …especially in a foreign language . As Wend says praps its best just to meet up , say sorry and get on . You seem to be getting further and further away from each other and you are both sounding more and more hurt . Very painful life lesson . You are right , ‘money ‘ isn’t worth it . Peace of mind is too precious to waste on squabbles over the small stuff [we have all done it tho;]

  3. Oh my god, I am only half way through and already unable and angry to read on. It is not easy to deal with this woman, is it? Can’t she admit her mistake, say sorry and give you the money. This is a game, she is bringing all sorts of irrelevant things into it to make you look like an idiot and mask the fact that they have done something bad. So, now you know that when she does nice genuine friendly things for you…it actually isn’t so nice and genuine if it is thrown into your face the minute you challenge or question their actions. And the way they start puting you down is disgraceful…oh, if it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t be employed, you have no degree, experience and you still need improving. Fuck that! Is this how the Chinese operate? Because if it is maybe it is good you don’t understand the culture…..does it really mean lying, cheating, phonines and hypocrisy? I think you dealt with them very well. Love you lots and stay strong!!! xxx P. S. Ok, I did vent my rage…now I am going to carry on reading. Sorry. 🙂

  4. I finished reading now and I agree, you are much bigger than that and you don’t need to be sucked into silly arguments which are only creating more tension and confusion. You were quite clear I think and you stood up for yourself. I think avoiding emails might make communication slightly easier. I understand your feelings and it is easier said than done but try not to let it bother you too much. Unfortunately, there will always be people like Catherine. Do something nice for yourself I think you deserve it. And know that we, your friends and family, think of you always and we are very proud of you. xxxx

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