part99, windless surfing

Sunday, 9th, May, 2010. Kyle’s
text woke me up this morning. “SHALL WE SHRED SOME WAVES?” I made a hasty
reply, had a shower and a bit of food and then headed down to the beach. To
avoid the kafuffle of getting a jam packed sweaty bus on a Sunday I met Kyle in
a taxi. When we arrived at the beach there was a depressing lack of wind. The
palm trees where motionless and there was not a sail in sight. We saw a French guy
who we had met before and we had a chat for an hour or so. For some reason I
found him very boring, he was just harping on about girls, films and work. Even
though there was no wind I still went out. There was a large amount of gunk on
the beach today and the sea looked murky. I suspected the dirty great ships in
the nearby industrial docks. I got up on my board and stood stock still as the
none existent wind took me nowhere. I fell back into the water and disturbed a
school of flying fish that leapt out of the water in Unison and glided for a
moment and dove back down into a small bobbing wave.


Later I ditched the sail for a paddle and
tool my board out amongst the huge tankards. It was so peaceful, finally having
some personal time and just bobbing up and down on the sea, with the sun slowly
setting behind the palms and the beach. I met an American man from san Francisco
who was also using a paddle on a surf board, we cruzed towards each other and
chatted by a large buoy. His name was Michael and he said he was the owner of a
surf board making company, it sounded like such a cool job. He creates surf boards
and also takes tourists around Hainan Island for surfing trips. He said the
best part of his job was testing out the boards. He said this with a wide
beaming smile as he squinted in the glare of the hot sun.


When I got back to shore I noticed that my
whole world seemed to be bobbing up and down like the sea, I felt a little bit

6 thoughts on “part99, windless surfing

  1. Bless you for your crazy wordtwists , have been breathless with laughter , methinks you mean Tankers , Tim . Tankards are what you put your beer in .

  2. no I mean what I say, There where great big tankards of beer floating in the docks with large crane like pumps filling them up. Why else do you think I go wind surfing?

  3. It’s not paradise compromised, it’s paradise sharing space with the real world. What life at its’ best is about.Perfectly described.

  4. huge tankards, get a grip.Bobbing up and down like the sea reminds me of an experience I had hiring a small digger for a week, I still feel a bit sick when think of it.DAD

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