the Holiday

Well I have note written a blog for at
least a week now and my only excuse is laziness. It was surprising how many
other excuses I tried to make for myself. ( I didn’t have an interesting day, I
Was on holiday, I was just coming out of the holiday, I was too busy), utter
and complete hog wash, unashamed hands down weak sniveling boring predictable
laziness. Although I have had a small amount of pleasure from not writing I
have also had the displeasure of listen to my repetitive boring brain strains
threw out the long muggy nights as a consequence of not squeezing them out earlier
into my blog.


So down to facts. I had a holiday, I didn’t
get too drunk, we went on a staff do for the may 1st holiday. The
meal was atrocious ;( but free) Canteen like plastic seats, separated by fours
s that no more than four people can actually have a conversation with each
other. We had shit sushi, wilted barbecue and warm beer. My weak attempts at
offering the other staff beer didn’t have the desired effect of turning a
disjointed bunch of people into a party ( you get out of life what you put in)
and after we went bowling. The bowling was fun because Kyle and William and
myself where having fun but I could see at the other end of the ally our boss
Catherine and the other Chinese teachers bowling on their own. It felt a bit
shit. We were not a team. We where westerners and Chinese. A obvious and crappy
partition of cultures. I fondly remembered the staff do when I was back in England
with my construction job. It was a debauched occasion full of utter stupidity,
wrestling falling over and being sick at the end of it all. But at least it had
some energy, some hutsba!. Now that’s what a staff do should be like, regrettable
but memorable.



The rest of the week has faded from my memories.
I didn’t do much, just got into a sleep pattern which consisted of getting up
at 4 0, clock in the afternoon and then going to bed at about 5ish, and nothing
much in between. I was actually quiet relieved when the holiday was over, I
needed some routine back.


One thought on “the Holiday

  1. At last . Even the lowliest reporters on the lowliest rags are allowed to have holidays . Welcome back O Warrior Scribe .Eheu .

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