part86 tennis

Thursday, 22nd, April, 2010. I
played an excellent game with my primary grade 1s and 3s today. It’s called
tennis. You pick a category. Like color, animals or something like that and you
get two students to stand up at the front of the class and they have to folly
back and forth different words from the category. They loved it. I didn’t teach
a thing the whole morning. I just monitored the game. I think I might change to
being a sports teacher, it sounds easier. I stole 5 cartons of yogurt for Sarah
today; every lesson the class has a large box full of yogurt, so I just take a
few from each class. I stole a green, brown, white and golden one. Also I didn’t
have to teach in the afternoon because the Jin pan school was having exams. Oh
yeah! The perks of being a teacher are becoming apparent to me.


I had another session at the gym today; I
have become mellower in my approach to training now. I am going for the long haul.
I will do a little each week and any extra is good but I am not going to give myself
a hard time for not training every day.

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