part85, Sushi

Wednesday, April 21, 2010. Holy molly I was
very hung over this morning. Although I went home before I wanted to I still
drunk a lot and I also got back at 3:00 and had to get up and work at 7:00. I
thankfully only had one lesson in the morning. I was hangover and I had the
runs, butt clenching, leg twinning, shiver inducing runs. I spent the duration
of the lesson gripping onto the teachers podium for dear life trying to battle
my besieged behind. I didn’t really want to go to the bathroom during the class
and more importantly I didn’t have any loo paper. Chinese loos never NEVER! Have
loo paper.


Eventually the class ended and I scurried
back home and found blissful relief. I slept for the rest of the morning and
then in the afternoon I taught at the kindergarten. One of the kids kept on
shouting out in Chinese “big apple, you’re a big apple”, then I thought he said
“you have a big bum”. The confusing thing is that apple and bum sound similar
in Mandarin (Ping guo is apple, Pe Gu is bum”. The kid must have shouted it
over 20 times but I still didn’t know which one he was saying. Both are true,
my face is red and lots of people in China call me an apple face and also I do
actually have a rather ample posterior, even for a westerner and especially for
a Chinese, many of which don’t have any sort of rear padding. I always wondered
if it must be a bit uncomfortable sitting down when you have a bony bum.


Sarah and I planned to go to the cinema
today but it’s the national memorial of the recent earthquake in the west of
China and all entertainment such as KTV and cinemas are not open, all the TV
channels show the memorial service. We went and had sushi instead but they were
not serving Salmon today, they said it was something to do with the volcano in
Iceland. The sushi restaurant was almost empty and it was very calm and quiet,
Just Sarah and myself watching the colorful carousel rotating all the little
sushi dishes. After the meal Sarah went to the supermarket to buy some cooking
oil. I waited outside as my sweaty legs where rubbing together and I had an
uncomfortable tender rash on my inner thighs. I sat down on a bench legs apart and
watched the world go buy. It was another hot day and shoppers walked pass me
looking around the various cloths shops. I saw many people wearing t shirts with
English writing printed on them. One t shirt said “you don’t have to shout to
be heard”, a very relevant saying for Chinese people I thought to myself. “Balls
out”, was another one a muscular man was sporting on his fake Nike t shirt. “Love
wisney”, was on a fake pink top. I wish I could remember all of them there was
so many.

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