Tuesday, 20th, April, 2010.
Another day, another grind. I managed to go to the wrong classroom again today,
but I didn’t shout at anyone, which saved me from feeling like a real piluck. I
saw my class room assistant box a student’s ears today. She slapped both his
ears from behind and while he was reeling in pain she dug her fingers into his
neck, He had been talking in class. I caught her eye from the front of the
class. She looked angry and a bit ashamed. I understood why she was doing it
but I didn’t agree. I actually hit a student today as well. Ah, who we think we
are, who we would like to be and who we really are. I had a ridiculously unruly
class. I had almost broken my text book by smacking it on the desks but still
there were a few students who were laughing and shouting. I bellowed which at
the beginning had commanded so much fear and discipline now was like an obsolete
vaccine to a new strain of mutating viruses. One ugly child who was laughing in
my face particularly annoyed me. I was fuming. I stormed up to him and hit him
with my rolled up text book. I didn’t really believe what I had done. I looked
at his little face and he bowed his now sullen face. I turned around and got
back on with the class as if nothing had happened.


In the afternoon I taught my stubborn student
Harmony. She does not listen to a word I ever say. I have lost hope with her. I
cannot be bothered to turn my hair gray by trying in vain to teach this donkey
that you have to learn how to walk before you can run. Her English is like a
very strong crippled man trying to win a race. A fit young motivated person who
will not or cannot see that she needs to work on how to use her crutches before
she tackles a triathlon. I know as a fact that she will fail the IELTS test,
what a waste of money and time for her. Harmony told me that she was a lesbian
today “when I am 40 I want to retire to Europe with my lover, she will maybe be
an artist and we can live happily”, I was a bit shocked and I understood that
it was a very big statement for her and it showed that she trusts me. I tried
to be relaxed and told her that although there are many places in Europe and England
which are gay friendly you still should be a bit careful. I can just imagine
her going to England and expecting it to be a liberal open free society where
all people from all walks of life are accepted and loved, what a shock she
would get.


Later, Sarah, Lindsey Kyle and myself went
out for a meal at a Hunan restaurant. We had Chairman Mao’s favorite meal. Hong
Shiao Ruo(really fatty pork in spicy sauce). It was delicious but it was so
fatty, also we had sour fish soup, which Sarah ate but no one else did. I think
most foreigners cannot get their heads around a massive bowl of light green
soup with sour bony chunks of fish in it. There was a massive poster on the
wall of a man smoking an opium pipe, down the side of the poster it said in
Chinese “don’t forget to move forward and keep progressing, remember that
Chairman Mao made China great”. Mao came from Hunan so its a lot more political
than other places in China.


Later we all went to the arcade and went on
the dodgem cars, then played bowling and basketball. We were all sweating at
the end. When you play the games in the arcade you get tokens and you can buy
prizes. There was one Chinese man standing at a machine where you have to drop
one of your coins threw a slot and then it rolls into a small cup and you get a
certain amount of tokens. This man had sussed the trick and was getting his
coin into the 100 token slots every time. We all stood and watched in awe as
the machine spewed out hundreds of tokens while the old man concentrated on
getting his coin into the right slot. Later we all went to a new bar, There was
a few foreigners there and I got chatting to an Indian guy who it turns out
lived near where I lived in Forest row and he also went to the same tai kwon do
class as me. It was a bit freaky; we had a good chat and drank beer. I surprised
myself by going home before getting too drunk. I had work the next day so I was
sensible. Sarah and I trundled home in the heat and then went straight to bed
when we got home. I felt like a real saint


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