part81, Commuppance

Friday, April 16, 2010, Last month Sarah
worked for a translation company in Shanghai. She worked all month and then at
the end of the month when they said they would pay her they didn’t. A week later
(now) after constantly emailing them and getting no reply we both had a
conversation. Sarah told me about some of her friends who have worked for over
3 months and their bosses simply do not pay them. It’s quite common apparently.
Even more so with online work where you cannot directly contact your employer.
One of her close friends worked in a hotel for 2 months in Si chuan and her
boss refused to pay her because he said she didn’t work hard.


This made my blood boil. I hated the idea
that some fat cat company was exploiting workers. Especially when that worker
was my wife. I told her to email them and say that unless she got her money on Friday
her lawyer would be giving them a call. Sarah added a good touch and also added
that she knew a journalist who would be giving them a call soon. Within half a
day she got a reply spewing many excuses and then finally today the money went through
into her account. I was ecstatic. It had worked. A bit of threatening goes a
long way. China is changing and if you mention a journalist getting involved
people jump. If you want something done get a TV station or a news paper
involved, then it gains public support and then the central government gets
involved and heads roll. Of course in Sarah’s case it’s a small issue so I don’t
think the president of china would get involved, but just the mention of the
media is enough to put the willies up any badly behaved company. I received a
text from Sarah telling me she had got her money while I was in a class. I was
so happy that I forgot about how angry I was with my class.


Friday is the dreaded day, My middle school
students at Shuang dao are my worst class, but for whatever reason ( maybe
because it’s not so F ing hot) the students where fine. My first class went
smoothly and no one talked out of turn, but it was like trying to squeeze blood
from a stone getting them to talk, in my second class there was only the
solitary fat teenager at the back who was being a shit. He would shout out “hay
man!”, or “ok man”, and whenever I would say something he would repeat it. I
kept my cool and got him to stand for the whole lesson, then at the end of the
class I frog marched him to the teacher’s office. When I mentioned the teachers
office to him I swear I saw the color drain from his face. He put on a swagger
as we left the classroom but after he had left and he had no one to show off to
he stopped walking like a cock and started to plead with me to let him go. When
we go to the teachers office I told one of the female English teachers that he
was being rude and talking in class. The small English teacher who was holding
a text book swung the book around in an arch and hit the boy on the face hard
with the book.  The student looked shocked but was too scared to react. I got a sick kick out of this and secretly wanted to do the same
to him as well. This fat little punk had been disrespecting me the moment I
stepped into the classroom and now he was getting his comeuppance. I felt like
a jackal, I saw another jackal attack our pray and I wanted to join in. Mob
mentality is powerful and interesting. I left the cowed boy to a hoard of
teacher surrounding him. I think they all hated him as well and where going to
set about him.


had my last lesson with Mr.Lin today. We just chatted for two hours. I think
Mr. Lin is my friend now. We joke and laugh and ask questions about each other.
I hope that I can stay in touch with him after this. We talked about organ
transplants, corrupt drug companies, his childhood dream of being a scientist
and his plans to still become one. His story of his parents who used to follow
bee around and take their honey. His earliest memory of sitting in a tent in
the country side as wolfs howled and prowled around the tent all night. How his
mother drowned in a lake when he was a boy and his father abandoned him when he
was 12.

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