Wednesday, April 14, 2010. This is the
first day my very young kindergarten students have not cried when I came into
the class. Hurray! Well there was a stifled sniffle from one youngling but she didn’t
erupt into full blown whaling. I played a great telephone game today with my
grade 4s. They loved it. The lessons went so fast and smoothly today. Ups and
downs, swings and roundabouts I suppose. There is one child in kindergarten that
has massive scarring all over her face. Her eye lids are half covered in skin
and there are ripples of uneven flesh all over her face. I wonder what happened
to her?


Later I went to another yoga lesson at the
gym. The room was packed and in true Chinese form people kept filing in and
finding any square inch to plonk themselves for the class. It was far from
relaxing. Phones constantly going off, the doors kept opening (for some reason
they do not stay shut). I began getting a wee bit miffed with everyone but then
I reminded myself where I was. I am in China, things are done differently here.
I tried to block out the noises and the sea of women crammed into the room and
I got on with contorting my body into different shapes. There was also an
infuriating cd playing. It was fine until I realized that it was just a tambourine
and a drum and some woman chanting “harry harry Krishna, harry Krishna…” on and
on for the whole hour. It didn’t bother me until I realized it was the same
name over and over again.


Walking back home in the muggy heat I
looked down a side ally where various food stalls where set up. Woks bubbling
away, barbecues smoking and the unmistakable aroma of smelly tofu. Also a table
full of Indian men. I caught one of their gazes and he said something to his
other friends and their heads all turned and looked at me. The man Probably
said the same thing which was going through my mind “ look there is another foreigner”


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