part76, more wind surfing

Sunday, 11th, April, 2010. Kyle
and I went wind surfing again today. The weather was blistering hot and the sea
twinkled and shone blue as we prepared to take our boards out, the sand was so
hot that you had to wear sandals. Of course I lathered myself in 50spf sun cream;
I have no intention of getting sun burnt. The wind was very strong today and
more times than I care to remember I was retched off my board and sent flying
into the sea. It was very gusty so one second there was no wind and the next
second I was having my arms pulled out of their sockets trying to keep the sail
straight. I did feel that I was much better than last week. I have mastered how
to turn and I can easily go in a straight line.


While taking a quick break sitting on our
boards at sea, Kyle and I marveled at the fact that there are hardly any birds
in Haikou. There are no sea gulls at all and general birds are not seen very
much. I wanted to go back into shore and take a rest but the wind was blowing
the other way. I spent over one hour trying to get back to land. It was a demoralizing
experience. It was very tricky. Finally I got back and had some instant noodles
and lay on the beach exhausted. Kyle and I saw a foreigner with a Chinese girl.
I bet that he was Dutch and Kyle thought he was German. He was tall thin and
had fluffy blond hair. We where both wrong he turned out to be French “another Frenchy”
Kyle joked, “not that there is anything wrong with Frenchies”.  Foregners are rare here so when ever I see one I also cannot help but stare as little bit as well. We went out
again as the sun was setting. It was a deep red large orb in the sky. You could
look at it without hurting your eyes. It was very calm just gliding across the
sea on the warm breeze while the sun set behind the tall palm trees.


Later Kyle and I went and had some sushi
with Sarah and then played computer games in an arcade. When we finished
playing we noticed that we where the last people in the mall. Every shop
assistant was standing outside their shops with folded hands watching us. It
felt like a walk of shame as the 3 of us walked down the silent rows of shop
keepers, formally waiting for us to leave.


On the way back in the bus there was a boy
sitting opposite me and he was screaming and shouting and he needed a wee. The
bus conductor who was also his Mum I thing took out a black plastic bag and
wiped down his trousers and he did a little wee in it. Then the bus stopped and
she opened the door and threw the bag of piss out onto the road. It made a “splosh”
sound at it burst on the hot tarmac. I thought this was a very shocking display.
Also the fact that the child was acting up and shouting and generally being a spoilt
little twerp. It’s the sort of thing that a lot of parents in the UK would be
mortified if their kids where acting like that in public. I think the one child
policy in China has made many problems. All the kids are treated like little emperors.
They get exactly what they want and they make as much noise as they want to get
it. It’s very bad for the kids because in one aspect of their life’s they are
the centre of the universe and then when they grow up they have to come to
terms with the fact that they live in a massive country with a huge population
and no one gives a shit about them apart from their parents. So many Chinese people
are plain rude selfish and loud. It is so normal to be loud. People barge past
each other on busses and at any place where you have to buy tickets. Its slowly
getting better, Beijing was much more civilized and orderly.


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