part75, a lazy day

Saturday, 10th, April, 2010. Another Saturday
has been bestowed a pone me. I lay in bed until 12:00 and then got up and
watched TV for the whole day. Sarah went to the gym but I felt it would be beneficial
to my soul to do nothing today. I was expecting Mr.Lin to call and arrange a
lesson with me for the one I missed yesterday. Instead Catherine called and
told me that he arranged it for next Friday instead.


thought long and hard today about what I am going to do in the future. It’s
almost certain that I want to go to university and do a creative writing
course. Almost certain. So many other ideas flooded my brain. I know I want to
travel around China and learn different martial arts and write about that. Also
I would like to go back to Malaysia and learn from Nigel Sutton again and his
teachers of Silat and learn some dark magic. It would make an interesting
story. I have always been fascinated with the dark side of spirituality. Like ghosts,
curses and voodoo things like that. It also scared the willies out of me at the
same time. Sometimes I believe in other worldliness other times I really do
not. I also want to go to New Zealand with Sarah next year. To travel and work
while we travel. I have so many ideas. Thankfully I know that I have time to do
them all. I know that it’s not a race.


I am very excited because tomorrow I get
paid. We have been short of money for what seems like forever. Where does it
all go? Also tomorrow I am doing wind surfing again. I hope the wind is strong.
I have also been trying to stretch my writing capabilities. I really want to
write a story of some sort. Up until now I have not found anything which I want
to write about. The only idea I have had has been about someone who is a thief
and then one day he steals something which he did bargain for and gets some
extra baggage. Like a dark moral story about someone getting more than they bargained
for. Buts that just a half baked brain fart. I suppose when I actually have
something to write about I will just do it.  


2 thoughts on “part75, a lazy day

  1. – Don’t look now but you are actually producing original ideas that are the seedcorn of stories every day. Pick any one of those ideas to start with and then think about how to expand it into something of publishable length – Short and sweet is always best. And going for it is always better than waiting too long.

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