part70 grave sweeping

Monday, 5th, April, 2010.
Another lazy day in bed. It’s the grave sweeping festival today. Traditionally
Chinese families go to their ancestors tombs and sweep them clean and cut back
the undergrowth from the past year. They place food for them and light incense
sticks and bow to their long lost relatives. I remember I went to my Taiji teacher’s
home town for the grave sweeping ceremony. This was back in 2007. We trekked up
jungle paths deep into the green mountains. All the while the 30 or so members
of Master Fus family, munched away on sweeties and crisps and cans of coke.
They would discarder there rubbish by letting it fall to the ground. Occasionally
we would take a break in a clearing and everyone would pass around snacks and
leave the wrappers stroon on the ground. It looked like a mess when we all got
up and left. This was in a very remote area in the very south of China and my
class mate and I where the first foreigners to go there. I suppose litter had
never been a problem there so it didn’t come with the same bad image as in England.


Sarah and I didn’t go to any ceremonies
today. I didn’t drink any beer today, I didn’t feel like it.




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