part66 funky har and a grueling work out

Thursday, 1st, April, 2010. I
thought about doing a creative writing course this morning. Last night I decided
what I will do with my life “ I am going to be a writer”, It sounded good, I
was satisfied, not like many of my other ideas which sound good but I don’t
really know If I want to do it intensely. For instance I am very interested in
becoming a osteopath, but in reality I think I would find it boring after a
while. I am fairly sure I am going to be a professional writer; I smiled like a
goon on the way to school. I thought about having a large house with a big room
on the second floor with a large window looking out onto a epic green
landscape, waking up when I felt like it and sitting down and writing some
fantastic original master piece. Do I really want to be a writer or do I just
want a job where I do not have to get up in the morning?


I had the badly behaved grade 4s at jin pan
today, I terrorizes the little devils, discipline!, that’s what it’s all about.
I snatched away many a comic book, a doll and a little bottle of mosquito
cream. I made two kids cry which I was not very proud of but it looked like
they were just doing it for attention and when I ignored them they stopped pretty
fast. I had 4 teachers in my class today for some reason. I think they are
trainees, they where utterly useless, they looked a bit scared of the kids and
only gave a weak attempt to control them. Not that I needed any help. I was
doing very well; I actually got all of them to stop talking at one point.


 After two lessons of serious strict controlling
I marched out of school and go a taxi to the gym to meet Sarah. When I got there
I noticed another westerner, I approached the muscular blond man and it turned
out that he was from Norway. I love people from that part of the word, Germans,
Dutch, and the rest, He was very straight forward, he has been in Haikou for 3
years studying mandarin and next week he will go to the shanghai expo to “show
the people Norway’s things”, he said in a thick accent. I joined the same class
as him which was a weight training class.


The burly norwedgen had about 3 times as
much weight on his bar as the other people in the class. The class consisted of
heavy cheesy pop music played while a fit looking instructor showed us inventive
ways of using the weights bar. 15 minutes in, during what seemed to be the 100th
squat my legs started to shake and I felt a bit weak. I slowed down and the
instructor saw me “hay man come on”, he said in English. I tried my best but
after an hour I was spent. Sarah and I wobbled home, I found it hard to straighten
my legs, my legs felt very heavy but at the same time like they were hollow and
had no power. I didn’t have enough energy to run up the stairs when we arrived
back to the apartment. We brought a Durian on the way back but to my real disappointment
it was very raw and we had to put it in the fridge till later.


I also had a hair cut at the local barbers
in our area. It only cost 5 Yuan. The woman who did my hair hacked away
managing to get all my hair cuttings on my sweaty face. It was excruciatingly
itchy. How do normal hair dressers not get hair on your face? She left parts of
my hair longer than others and made a funky mistake around my ear. When I
showed my hair around my ear to Sarah she burst out laughing and said “it looks
like star wars”. I had another look and thought “it looks more like star trek
to me”. It has a slightly Spokish look


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