PART64 a flying pig

Tuesday, March 30, 2010. I only had classes
in the morning today. In the last class which was primary grade one, my
assistant teacher who usually just sits at the back texting and looking angry
really lost it today. I think the noise was getting to her. She started throwing
books at the students and leant over and cuffed many a student around the head.
For the first time ever I felt sorry for the students. Yes the class was loud
but what you expect from 55 kids all cramped into a room? They are so small,
just out of kindergarten. The kids sitting near the teacher looked confused and
scared; they just looked wide eyed as she threw her hand from head to head. We were
having fun singing, miming and in general learning. But I suppose from the
angry teacher’s perspective they where a hoard of unruly badly behaved children.
I can sympathies with both student and teacher. Since I have started teaching I
have thought about my time at school and how badly behaved I really was and how
in general most of my teachers where patient and didn’t really shout or ever raise
a hand to anyone.


In the evening Sarah and I got a bus to the
nearby beach. From the bus we both saw that there where many people doing wind
surfing. We got off the bus and walked down to the group of surfers on the sand.
We found out that it’s about 100 Yuan a day to do it. (10pounds) and if you do
it frequently, it’s cheaper. I think I might try it this week end. Sarah and I
walked along the beach and sat down and watched the waves rolling in and moving
out again. The wind was warm and the sky was clear apart from a cloud which looked
like a flying pig. After a contemplative sit , we found a near bye sea side restaurant
but after finding that everything was 3 times as expensive as usual we declined
and went home and Sarah cooked fatty pork with onions and green vegetables. I
have been feeling that a cold has been coming on over the last few days and I
recalled that I have not eaten much fruit this week. I peeled an orange and
sunk my teeth into it. Immediately I felt whatever vitamins and nurturance that
I had been lacking flow threw me and within an hour I didn’t feel like a cold
was coming anymore. Don’t forget your fruit.


I am really not looking forward to teaching

2 thoughts on “PART64 a flying pig

  1. [Have caught up with thee again ]. You were not badly behaved just exuberant and perceptive enough to expose the weakness in your teachersOrganic strawberries half price in Waitrose .

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