Monday, March 29, 2010. I taught at the kindergarten
again today. Nothing special. Got called ugly by some little kids, went from
class to class every 10 minutes and taught a couple of word to the different munchkins.
I also found that I had been teaching the wrong book to one group of kids (oops),
never mind.


When I finished my classes, I remembered
that I had a dream last night about having a child with Sarah. It was a little
boy. At first in the dream I thought it was really cool that I had a son and I
played around with him but then very soon I started to freak out “Jesus I have
a son, 20 years or more shackled to the plow”. I also remember when I woke up
to my reality; I gave a sigh of relief to find that my son had disappeared.


I was meant to meet Sarah at the gym after
work and I thought that I could walk there. 45 sweaty minutes later I arrived
at the gym. It had taken much longer than I had thought. I worked on my legs
and stomach muscles today as the rest of my body was aching from the other
workouts I had done. I also did another yoga class with Sarah. I felt much more
flexible today compared with yesterday.


On the way back I called Catherine and
asked if it was possible to get some money in advance. She brought the money to
our flat along with a big bag of mangoes and some fruit tea. She is very kind.
One of the reasons I think is because I am not picky and I am grateful for what
she does for me. I can imagine other western employees are picky and complain. They
don’t get mangoes and tea. It pays to pick your battles and even if you’re in
the right, you should think if starting a fight or a conflict is worthwhile in
the long run. Even if you win a fight which you deserve to win you’re still left
with someone who has lost and it’s more than likely that the person will not
forget it in a hurry.


I also brought a crate of beer from the
supermarket. It was extremely satisfying filling up the fridge with booze. It’s
good to have your own fridge. Opening it and seeing lots of lovely things to
eat and drink is a simple but great thing for me. Also just walking around our
flat and thinking “this is mine”. Primal stuff. You need food, water and a roof
over your head, and a good woman. I have it all.

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