Thursday, 25th, March, 2010. Yet
another day which is hard to put now on paper. I am sure I got up and if I
could be bothered to look at my schedule of this week, things would come to
mind, but frankly I cannot be bothered to look at anything. All I really
remember, all that was left with me from Thursday is that I thought “only one
day till the week end”, is it always like this? Is the majority of your life
just a in between until when you can rest or do what you want? Its plane to see
when others are doing unnecessary things, which they do not have to do, is it
the same for me? Am I doing thing which are not important? Can I live an easier
happier life? Surly the answer is yes. Yet again I feel like a drama queen
asking such a question when my life is blessed compared to so many others

least I get some rest. Some people do not. Empathy can be a bit of a burden for
me. Just to make me feel bad. I feel bad about people starving but I don’t do
anything about it. Don’t I care enough?. How much do you have to feel before
you do something about it? That’s not a real question. I am sure many people
want to do things but for various reasons they do not. It’s another of those
questions which my mind let alone my cumbersome slow typing fingers cannot
express before my passion has out burnt its inspiration. Maybe on a better day
I will be bothered to deal with my many questions.

2 thoughts on “PART59

  1. It’s what children don’t realize being grown up is all about. The trick is to NOT spend your days waiting for the weekend or the holiday or the whatever it is that must be more worthwhile than this. The real trick is to know that whatever today brings is the best it can be and is thus just as worthy as the best bits. Ofcourse really smart people aim for doing the best bits all the time and as far as we can see from here you are well on course for that!

  2. Sleepless in the dark night of the soul ………..age old philosophical conundrums that torment our ‘thinking ‘ species . As regards how you fill the unforgiving minit , you shall one day find summat you love doing . You are currently on a quest for that very perfection .

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