Monday, 22nd, March. I taught in
the kindergarten today. It went quickly and smoothly. Even the last lesson which
was hard last time was called off early and I went home. In fact I was teaching
and 10 minutes before the end of the class, all the students just got up and
left and the teacher where helping them get their bags. I just got my things
and left. I asked Catherine about joining a Gym but she said it was very
expensive and I am not interested in spending too much money on a gym. I went
home and Sarah had got us a durian fruit. It was a bit watery but still very
good. I sat sweating on the sofa sucking the yellow soft fruit off the large
stones. I was very happy indeed.


Later Sarah and I both went out and found a
gym which also had San da, Chinese kick boxing. We had a chat with the coach who’s
Chinese was utterly shocking. He basically spoke Hainan language. The gym was
very pricy and you have to buy a uniform if you want to join which seems strange
for kick boxing. In general I didn’t get a good feeling from the school, Not
that I got a bad feeling. I just didn’t get that magical feel I always get with
a good teach, as if they are going to teach me how to punch though a brick wall
and teach me the inner most secrets of Chinese kung fu. I am going for a trail
lesson tomorrow which should sort out how I feel about the place. Also the
coach had the weakest hand shake. He is a muscular confident stocky man and
before I left he jutted out his trunk like arm so that I could shake his hand.
I grasped his hand. It was limp and sweaty and it just slithered out of my
grip. Not to worry though, a firm hand shake in china is a rare thing. I
thought about if I should join the gym there. I don’t really want to spank my
wages on something that I might not have the energy for. I also think that
getting good at mandarin is a priority here. We will see how the lesson goes
tomorrow. Also there is no pool at the gym. I am in the process of sorting out
my extracurricular activates. I want to achieve a lot this year but I don’t
want to spread myself too thin. I prefer the idea of joining a small cheap gym
and training at home on my own and also doing Chinese lessons.


 Sarah also got some plum brandy from the big
supermarket and we have been drinking that tonight. It’s too tasty; we are
going to finish the bottle tonight. If I could change two things about my self
they would be, more self control and being able to get up in the morning. I
would be a billionaire by now if I had those things under control. Also I saw a
rat trying to poke its nose out of a hole in the wall today. I quickly jammed a
bunch of bubble wrap (that will hold him) and then put a sticky paper under the
hole. It’s meant to trap the rats with the thick glue on the paper and then you
just throw them away when the rat is caught.

2 thoughts on “part56

  1. I’m trying VERY hard not to visualize the rat being thrown out with the trash on it’s sticky paper. Would it work on the squirrels in our loft I muse?

  2. Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese. Yuck . Toooooooooooo much detail . Good news about the rest tho’ …a balanced life is a healthy life .[ ‘The secret of success is the ability manage failure ‘ noel coward . that quote isn’t relevant to anything here , I just like it .]You are not only very intuitive but [crucially ] also astute enough to know that you ignore that gut feeling at your peril .

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