part54 message in a bottle

Saturday, 20th, March, 2010. I dreamed
that I met my best friend Joe, I turned into a robot and started destroying the
city, soon other robots came and tried to stop me, I flew away but the police
robots pursued me relentlessly. I woke up and remembered that it was my day off;
I closed my eyes again and got back to being chased. I got out of bed at 12:30
and had lunch with Sarah and one of her Mums friends from Xinzhuo. In fact it
was Sarah’s mum’s friend son, who was studying in Haikou number 1 university.
The night before I resented the fact that on my day off I had to entertain a
guest but today I just relaxed, it was Sarah’s guest so I ate lunch and then we
all sat down and watched a film. Our guest is studying to become a vet. I
thought about the contrast with the army doctor Mr. Lin who I had a private
lesson with yesterday who practiced on dogs so that he could be a better human
doctor. I told our guest about it, he asked “did any of the dogs live?” I
quoted Mr. Lin by saying “Almost none”. We talked about computer games and then
the boy left. He seemed a bit uncomfortable but I didn’t care it was my day off
and I was determined to relax.


Later Sarah and I got a bus to holiday
beach. It was very crowded and I found it a bit menacing with all the loitering
youths. We slowly walked along the beach leaving behind the masses of holiday
makers and roaring jet skies. As we came to the less commercial beach we encountered,
coconut shells, banana skins, green vegetables, a bloated frog, a bloated rat and
a freshly deceased flying fish all left on the shore, pushed in by the sea.
Also lots of polystyrene. Sarah saw a large bamboo stick and commented “it
would make a good weapon”, I was very proud that she said that, all my chats
with her about weapons and martial arts was getting though on some level. We
sat down on a large log near the sea. I looked out over the littered beach and
out onto the blue sea. There where many cargo ships and cruses on the horizon
and suddenly I remembered the dream I had the night before we left from Xin
zhuo. I remembered that I was walking along an apocalyptic beach full of
rubbish and all the ships in the sea began to sink one after another as if they
were dead. I wondered if I had predicted a natural disaster to come. Before I
had time to indulge this morbid idea I noticed a bottle on the beach. “Why do people
leave glass on the beach?” I asked Sarah and went to pick it up, It was an old vinegar
bottle with a see though plastic top, there was a napkin in it. I went and
broke it by an old bin and after I had cleared away the broken glass I took the
damp napkin to Sarah. It had faded Chinese writing on it. Sarah translated



I hope that I will only know happiness, I will never be unhappy.

I wish that (a Chinese name of one boy) and (another boys name) will
have a fight.

I hope that the boy I love will be happy, I hope that the new no 10
middle school I am   

Going to is a good school.


After reading it I buried it in the sand
and we both slowly walked along the beach as the sun set.

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