part51 a alright day

Wednesday, 17th, March, 2010.
Wednesday is the hardest day usually but today went smoothly. Every one was on
good behavior and even though I didn’t do any lesson plans and I was very tired
the day went quickly. I did the 2 year’s old kindergartens again today. Exactly
the same kids cried as last week although I impressed myself by making a few of
them stop by singing a song. I noticed that all the teachers where very
stressed and loud. The general atmosphere in the classes was one of tension,
noise and strange baby smells. I tried to bring the noise level down by singing
softly. It worked so well. I can understand how the teachers are stressed. I
get stressed after just one 15 minutes class. They are there for the whole day,
May god have mercy on them. I had a chat with Mrs. Lee today. She is the
manager and she was despairing “I don’t know how to teach them, they just cry
and scream”, I didn’t really know what to say so I just said “yes they are very
young”. So many of the teachers in the kindergarten and the primary school are
women, although all of them are very polite and kind they all seem to share the
same quiet kind of desperation and stress. All locked up inside, ready to
explode. It’s very sad in a way. They get next to no money and they work long
hours in a very demanding job.


Today I felt a ray of hope for myself. I didn’t
make much of a lesson plan and I had a big day but I felt less stressed and
although I was tired I was happy. I almost felt like doing something after work
as well…..almost but I just crashed on the sofa at home and drank beer until Sarah
cooked me an amazing meal of Steamed fish, green vegetables and rice.


2 thoughts on “part51 a alright day

  1. – It doesn’t seem possible I know but, doing something energetic after work – like the kick-boxing you nearly joined – will give you the buzz you need after the stress of teaching and life really will start to be easier and happier (It’ll do wonders for your digestive juices as well.) (and you know all this better than me after all your training don’t you?!)

  2. Well done again. Those little ones just need their Mums thats all . They cry because they feel lost frightened . One of my earliest nightmare memories is being in a state nursery , maybe 3 years old and being too fearful to ask where the loo was . I then pooped me pants and can remember being in a play area with lots of other children . Utter terror and shame . Will never forget it .am so glad things are getting better .xxxx nice to hear your voicesxxx

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