PART47. Avatar for the 3rd time

Saturday, 13th, March, 2010.
When I woke up today it felt like I had not slept a wink. Usually the beginning
of the day is slow for me and I am still thinking about my bed or the dreams I
had that night, but when I woke up today it just felt like I had not slept. I
got up quickly and had the same thought I had last night. I came here to relax
and have fun, but it seemed that I was not achieving my dream. I knew I was
being hasty and that the beginning in a new place was always tough but I still
felt low. I was going to do my lesson plan this morning but I could not be bothered
so I went back to bed for an extra hour and then got up again and went to the
New window school.


My class consisted of a Korean girl called
Lily and a Chinese boy called Lynn. At first Lily was very shy but nearing the
end she was very animated and was very involved in the class. Lynn looked very
tired and depressed. He sighed occasionally and slumped his head on the desk
when we had a break. I didn’t plan for the lesson but the two hour class went
smoothly and I think they learnt a bit. We worked on job names and I found out
that Lynn wants to be an office worker, because he likes it and Lily wants to
be a teacher because she likes children. Also that Lily does not want to be a
postman because it’s dangerous and Lynn does not want to be a house wife
because he is not a girl. It was fun to find a bit out about my students.


I went home after the class and after lunch
Sarah and I went to watch Avatar in a local cinema. It was very hard to find.
Eventually we found it on top of a mall building; we had to get a lift from
down a dark unmarked corridor at the end of the mall. I have seen Avatar 2
times before but it was still fantastic to watch again. Apart from the chatty
couple behind us who where commenting on everything in the film. “oh it’s a
mushroom!!!”,  “ oh it’s so strange!”,  “why is he doing this?”. Then, the man’s
phone went off and he started talking loudly behind us. I surprised myself by twisting
around and telling him to go outside. Sarah joined in and told him to shut up.
He apologized and only talked for another 30 seconds very quietly. Then at the
end of the film his partner’s phone went off and she had a chat as well. Sarah
gave them both a filthy look when we left and they looked embarrassed and
shocked, I felt like punching them both in the face. We discussed how rude a
lot of people are in China and how we found Beijing to be a lot more civilized.
Loads of people phones where going off in the cinema today and people where
just chatting away throughout the film.


After the film we walked to the beach and
sat down and watched the sun set. I became calm and took a deep breath. “This
is why we are here”, I thought. I watched the sky slowly turn red then it all
turned to night. We left when the mosquitoes arrived. Later that night we met Lindsey
and Kyle, both Canadian teachers at the school. We had a nice meal at a Dong Bei
restaurant and I asked a lot of questions about their time at the school. They didn’t
paint a great picture but then again they seem like the sort of people who nitpick
and expect a lot. We still had a good time and I felt like I could talk to them
and get a lot of the worries off my chest. Later we went back home and we
watched the end of a film before we went to bed

One thought on “PART47. Avatar for the 3rd time

  1. "To the good I would be good. To the not good I would also be good in order to make them good" – Lao TsuAlso – You’ve stopped describing food. This is very worrying.

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