PART46 changing plans

Friday, 12th, March, 2010. I had
a blissful lie in today. I dreamt that I was in a dilapidated football stadium.
There were thousands of dead and rooting dolphins carcasses all over the
stadium. In the stands and on the dry dirt field. They had mutated faces with grotesque
half human faces staring wide eyed into space. I spent what seemed like an
eternity walking among them and inspecting the minute details of their
decomposition and the expressions on their faces. It was only when I woke up
and thought about it that I realised it was a disturbing dream. It must have
been to do with the fish head Sarah cooked last night which was eye balling me
though out the meal.


I had two classes in the Shuang Dao School
in the afternoon. The weather is back to its balmy normality so I donned a
shirt and got the bus to school. I tried a different tactic today. When the
students were talking too much I just went silent and waited for them to stop
talking. It had a slower effect than shouting but it none the less worked. The
good students told the loud ones to shut up which saved me having to do it my
self. At one point I was explaining a game and the class was talking. I calmly
folded my arms and waited and soon silence came. One clever Dick at the front
saw my expression and shouted out “are you not happy?”. I could not control myself
“ no I am not happy, shut up”, I growled at him. I had two lessons and they
both went well, apart from the second lesson when they didn’t really get the
hang of Chinese whispers. The first class got it really quickly but the second
class was infuriating, firstly the boys would not get within 2 feet of the
girls. They giggled like idiots and just shouted out the whisper which defeated
the whole aim of the game. Also when they didn’t know the exact saying they
would just not pass it on. It royally pissed me off but I kept my cool, apart from
one time when I told them that they where utterly useless. But I said it deliberately
fast so they didn’t understand. Just before the end of the lesson I heard one student
at the back say “Fuck you!” to another student. I shouted at him angrily and
told him not to say this. He looked very shocked. He probably didn’t know what
it meant.


Later that night at 7:30 I arrived at the New
window school and had my first private lesson with Mr Lin, he is an army
doctor. A 31 year old man with a kind face, short arm hair and very smart
clothes. He was very clear. Everything he said you could tell he had thought
about. It was a very interesting lesson. We chatted about the difference between
army and regular doctors. Mr. Lin said the main difference is that army doctors
have to do what they are told and normal doctors can treat who they want to
treat. He spoke just like I would imagine a soldier to speak. When I asked him
to describe a Chinese wedding He mapped out in minute detail all the traditional
procedures, he even called them procedures. After he had finished I asked him
to tell me how he felt about weddings and even then he just told me facts about
his wedding rather than how he felt about the occasion. I liked him a lot and
his English was very good so we just practiced speaking together. Even so I was
tired and I had to clench my jaw so that I would not yawn obviously.


At 10 o’clock I got the bus home. I felt
frazzled and was looking forward to having Sunday and Monday off. One girl was
staring at me on the bus. She was trying to be subtle by only looking out of
the corner of her eye. In the end I just giggled because it was so absurd. She
looked embarrassed but then started giggling as well.


On the journey back I let my mind wander
and I imaged what I would do if all the people on the bus suddenly turned into
zombies. One idea would be to clamber over the seats to the back of the empty
bus and as the zombies funneled down the bus I could hold onto the seats on either
side of kick them back, but if they were all in a group would I be able to kick
them all back? Maybe not and also it would not get me off the bus. My final
idea was to hot foot it to the front of the bus and hit the door button and run
out before the zombies had even gotten up. Simple and sweet. When my stop came
I got up and waited for the bus to stop but it didn’t. My feeble attempt to
alert the bus driver consisted of looking imploringly in the general direction
of the front of the bus. Of course it didn’t work. It’s my own fault. The bus
stopped at the next stop. I got a chocolate ice cream and walked back home. I
resolved that next time I would ask him to stop.


When I got back I watched a film and did my
lesson plan for the next day while drinking a beer, I also resolved to stop
drinking and watching TV while I am planning a lesson, it just does not work. I
checked my emails at 1 in the morning and found a new lesson schedule for the
rest of this week and next week. It involved canceling the class I had just
planned for and giving me a different one for tomorrow, also the new plan gave
me lessons for every day next week, which would mean at the end of next week I
would not have had a day off for 2 weeks. I was furious. I sent a polite but
firm email back to Catherine saying that I would appreciate a phone call
instead of an email and that it was lucky I checked my email tonight otherwise
I would not have planned for the right lesson. Also that I wanted 2 days off a
week, not half days off because how can one plan a day off when you are working
for half of it?. I went to bed wondering if thing where going to go well here
in Haikou.


One thought on “PART46 changing plans

  1. I think your Tiger side is pushing you too fast – Stop and review the last month and you will see that things ARE going well compared to where you could be.

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