PART45 another long day

Thursday, 11th March, 2010. Yet
again I was not happy about getting up at 7 o’clock. I had a quick shower and
got the bus to school. When I arrived I felt another attack of diarrhea, all
the students where outside doing the morning exercises to music so the loos
where empty so I had a chance to go in on my own.


My first lesson was hellish; the teacher
informed me that I had the wrong book, even though the new window school had
told me it was the right one. I tried to teach my original lesson plan but the
kids knew nothing from it and quickly grew bored. My voice became horse from
shouting and most of the kids seemed bored and uninterested in the lesson. The
second lesson also with grade one was the same. I was feeling very fragile at
the end of the class. Teetering on the edge of either crying or swinging the
other way and exploding and going on a mass kiddy murder spree. A little fat
girl saved me by handing me a folded note when I was leaving. I started opening
it but she snatched it back and shook her head then folded it back and gave it
to me again. I got the message that it was to be opened when I had left. As I
went to my next class I opened it. It was a drawing of the Chinese flag and the
characters of china around it, also a sticker from the Beijing Olympics. It was
very sweet.


My next class was grade 3. Also loud and
bored. I felt frayed at the edges after these 3 lessons. I think next time I
must play more games. I trudged out of the building and started to go back
home. I noticed Kyle a Canadian teacher. I thought “oh a fellow white man”, I
went and had a chat with him and we also met Lindsey and they both had a cigarette.
I am pleased to say I had no cravings in the slightest. We had a mown about the
students and arranged to go for a meal later on in the week. When I got back
home Sarah had a feast waiting for me. Fried fish with rice noodles and sliced
cucumber in vinegar with garlic and noodles. She has started cooking everyday
and is thinking about doing a cooking blog. I think it’s a very good idea. I
had a blissful nap for a short hour and then woke up and prepared for my new kindergarten


When I went back to Shuang Dao School I
went to the kindergarten part of the school and started a 2 hour stint. I
taught from 2-3 year old, 4-5 year olds and 5-6 year olds, I went around
different classes teaching of 10 or 15 minutes at a time. It was an absolute
pleasure. The kids where so sweet and I could not help from genuinely smiling.
I sung some songs and drew pictures and played simple games with them. Unlike
yesterday these kids had been to school before and where used to it now. I saw
an angry middle aged teacher whacking a little boy over the head with a book,
when I went into my last class. I am sure she was very tired and had no patients
left. The little boy rubbed his head and moved back in his seat as she shouted
at him to behave. This class was a bit excited, it was the end of the day and
they all wanted to see their Mummies and Daddies. It didn’t help that the
parents where standing at the classroom door waving to their kids. They should
be asked to wait outside.


I felt very pleased at the end and went
home with a skip in my step. I thought about how teaching is very extreme. Like
this morning I had horrible classes and it really put me off teaching, then
this afternoon I had really fun classes and it made me want to be a teacher
forever. No one lesson is the same. A s I was pondering all this and running
for the bus, Sarah called to ask where I was. I forgot that she was going to
pick me up from the school today. I ran back and we went home together on the


I had a quick supper and then planned for a
private lesson I was teaching in the new window school at 7:30, it was a trail
lesson to see if the student wants to learn from me. I had another shower and
set out. The bus seemed to be going painfully slowly, creeping along and
stopping at every single bloody stop “GET A BLOODY MOVE ON!!” I felt like
shouting to the driver as I slowly watched the clock tick to wards my lesson. I
got off the bus at my stop at 7:29. It had taken over half an hour to get from
my flat to the school; It only takes about 7 minuets by taxi. I ran to the lift
inside the schools building and even that seemed to go ridiculously slowly. Floor
1, floor 2. . . ……….flllllllloooooooooooorrrrr3….floor……4. When I got to the 17
floor I was literally hopping up and down. I burst into the school and met my new
student. Harmony is a 20 year old girl from Sichuan province. She has short
hair and was wearing a jacket and cloths that made her look like a boy, she
even moved and talked a bit like a man as well. Even so she was quite pretty
and she seemed very serious and clever. I taught her for 2 hours. She wants to
go to England to train to be a lawyer. I asked her why she wanted to be a
lawyer and she said “China has so few international business lawyers, I want to
help my country to become strong”, she paused and smiled for a moment and added
“I also want to do it for myself to be successful and rich”. She told me that there
are only about 150 international Chinese lawyers in this field, which is a very
small number. I am fairly sure she signed on for more lessons and the desk girl
Wendy was very happy. She was laughing and almost got a bit hysterical as
Harmony signed a form. I sat down and told Wendy and the other desk girl “Its
been a long day”. They both burst out laughing, it was very funny, so I started
laughing as well, which set them off even more. It was mad, I have no idea why
we were laughing. I bade them farewell and got the bus home for the last time
that day.

One thought on “PART45 another long day

  1. Getting up far too early because of the need to earn the daily crust is called being grown up! (Funnily enough, I used to promise myself an immediate return to bed after work even though I knew I wouldn’t want to by then – must be genetic.)

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