PART42 moving

Monday, 8th, March, 2010.  My day off. We woke up at 9ish and packed our
bags, we said goodbye to our landlady and got a taxi to our new flat. The taxi
drove for 10 minutes and we arrived at the entrance of a small community of
flats. There is a small booth at the gate with a couple of guards with lots of cctv
cameras watching the grounds, it looked very safe. We walked into the grounds.
There where trees lining the road and there seemed to be a lot of old people
living there. It was so quiet. There is a block of flats in the grounds which
is under construction. It’s just a gray hollow skelington at the moment “China
is under construction”, I muttered to myself as I imaged being woken up every
morning by crashes and bangs from the workers. Everywhere I have lived in China
there is a building site near bye.


Catherine was not picking up her phone so
we found out where her old flat was, soon to be our new flat. We walked up 8
flights of stairs with a massive back pack a large wheelie case and my heavy
school books. It was a good challenge. I was sweating like a pig when we got to
the 8th floor I also felt a bit dizzy in the heat. Catherine opened
the door and looked surprised. It seems that her phone had turned off. We entered
our new flat and found that it was very big indeed. It had a spacious living
room, two loos four bedrooms two balconies and a store room. A bigish kitchen.
Washing machine, big fridge. Dish washer. And most importantly a big HD flat
screen and comfy sofas. I was very impressed. Sarah and I got settled in.
Sniffing around and exploring every nook and cranny of the place. We found that
Catherine had left us about 10 frozen fishes. “what a nice boss” I thought and
thought how not getting the original job here was a blessing. Sarah went out
shopping and I lounged on the sofa and watched the movie channel. Occasionally
getting up and jumping around a bit, just because I could in such a big place.
The rest of the day was uneventful, we just relaxed and Sarah cooked and we
watched a few films on TV. A good day off.

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