Sunday, 28th, February, 2010. We
got a bus to the beach in the morning and had a little paddle in the sea, It
was actually a bit cold. We walked along the beach for a while and a old woman
who looked like Gollum crept up on us and asked if we wanted to buy some sweet
corn. Sarah asked if there were any swimming pools around. Gollum waved a knurled
finger around and said “I don’t know ask someone over there”. “I was going to
buy some corn of her but I don’t want to now” Sarah said. We found a swimming
pool park near the beach and we paid 28 Yuan each and entered. There was a huge
2 meters deep swimming pool with diving boards, an adult paddling pool, a small
slide, some hot springs with minerals and blistering hot water, some Jacuzzis
and a shallow pool with small fish which eat your dead skin, mainly off your feet.
Sarah and I sat howling with laughter as hundreds of fish nibbled our bodies.
It was almost unbearably ticklish. Later one of the staff asked us to get out
as you had to pay extra to get eaten and we didn’t have the right ticket. We
spent the whole day swimming, baking in the hot springs and being cajoled by
jets in the Jacuzzi. We left in the evening and I realized that I had caught a
bit of sun. My face was glowing with heat .I was rather rouge. When I got home
I lathered on some aloe Vera cream, which is a god sent it I say so myself. I
also got a text from Mrs. Zheng asking me to come to the school tomorrow and
sign a full time contract. YEAHHHHH!!!, it was all happening. Then Sarah
slapped me on the back to congratulate me, which sting my poor sun burnt back.
If I was not so happy about the job I might have got annoyed. I did worry a bit
about going into the school looking like a ripe tomato but it’s not a crime to
get sun burnt. But I put on an extra layer of aloe Vera(thank the maker) and
then went to bed waiting for the next day to come.


2 thoughts on “PART34

  1. Will send some suncream and a sunhat in honour of your singed bits. Respect your provenance O sunkissed son of Sussex .

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