PART27 Sarahs Birthday

Sunday, February 21, 2010. I have had a
very tiring but fun day today. It’s Sarah’s Birthday so she went for a massage in
the morning then in the afternoon we went out with Mum Dad and auntie’s family.
We went to a very big hotel/restaurant. It was a big hotel which looked like it
needed a lick of paint; the furniture looked as if it was in style in the 80s
but it was still very grand. Sarah looked through the picture menu with me and
we say some very wired and expensive dishes. One was shark fin soup, there was
also strange spiky sea slugs, and a thing which was meant to be a fish but it
looked more like a avocado sliced in half. Dad, uncle and myself drank a lot more
than usual, I am sure my alcohol tolerance has gone up because I was very surprised
that I could drink that amount so fast and still feel ok. Saying that when we
finished the meal and walked out, well I think I stumbled out. Into the surprising
sunny day. It was shining right in my eyes and my face felt hot. It’s the first
time in a long time it’s been slightly warm.

When we got back I had a massage with
Master Jiange the blind masseur, I also got a card for mum so that she can get
10 massages which I paid for. I will not tell her about it until just before we
leave, otherwise she will argue and try and give it back. I gave Master Jiang
and his Dad each one of my expensive cigarettes and said goodbye to them.


Then at 6 we went out again for another
meal. I cannot be bothered to described it. I am sick of food, eating it, and
talking about it. All I will say is that one of the people who we went for the
meal with gambled so much that he had to sell his flat which his parents in law
gave him and their daughter, then they got a divorce but his wife loved him too
much and they are back together now. Ah love is a strange and wonderful thing.
The gambling is run by the Mafia here. You cannot bring your own money to the
place, you have to borrow the money at a high interest then pay it back later. It’s
a slippery slope, sometimes ending in you and your wife’s flat disappearing
along with everything else you own.


I have to get up at 5:00 tomorrow so I am
going to bed now; I am packed and ready to go in the morning.WWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!


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