Saturday, February 20, 2010. It’s been a
very good day today, Like every day before a change is good because it helps
you appreciate things which you usually take for granted. Mums bosses sons, son
was coming over and I had to get up at 10 o’clock. It felt very early seeing as
I went to bed at about 4 o’clock. Sarah panicked when she saw him coming up the
stairs, realizing she had a class in 10 minutes but the room was still a tip.
She shouted at me to get up and I instantly started the day badly. Cursing the
little fucker for coming so early I got up and in a sloppy tantrum tired the
room. I sat outside bleary eyed and stared into space while the 11 year old son
and his grandpa(mums boss) chatted with Mum. While Mum was talking to her boss
she told me to go and play with Sam
her bosses grandsonin the other
room. Thankfully he asked for a pen and paper and we sat there drawing tanks,
robots and Aliens for the next hour.


The boss got up and left early saying he
would be back to collect Sam at 2:00. After Sam’s drawing interest had been exhausted
he told me to come and join him on the computer. I found it very annoying; this
little boy was so authoritative in someone else’s house. Telling me, his senior
to join him in my father in laws room to play computer games. He was like a
spoilt little prince. Mum looked at me when he asked so I obediently followed
him into the room and watched him play a violent computer game. Sarah said that
we should all go to lunch and he said “I want to play computer games”, so she
went away and waited until he felt like lunch. Fucking hell if I ever have a
child they are going to have lunch when I say so …..And like it. We went out
later when his blood sugar levels had obviously run short and he was itching
away for his next sugar fix, He could not sit still for more than 3 seconds, he
sat down got up talked like a monkey on speed and generally tested my patience.
We went to Dico’s, Like a Chinese KFC but with blaring loud music and regular announcements
which gave it the atmosphere of a busy air port. Sam ate a rice burger
(glutinous congealed slimy rice baps instead of bread…really ruff looking), a
curry, 3 big chicken wings, a large cup of coke, chips, chicken chips…..and
that was all. Sarah told me that he sometimes eats so much that he is sick.


when he had finished, his royal highness got up and commanded “zou ba”, (lets
go) Sarah still had her hot orange juice so she told him to wait. He was not
that pleased and waited for a minute then walked out the door. Sarah was very
worried “what if he walks off?” I hoped that he did walk off. I made sure we
finished the orange juice a little slower than usual and then we went outside to
meet him. He was no were to be seen. I panicked for a moment “oh what will we
tell his rich grandfather?”, then I thought Bugger it! He should never have
just run off it’s not my fault. Unfortunately he popped out surprising us. We
walked back home and as soon as we go back Sarah went to sleep in the bed room.
When I came in to join her she said that I should keep him company. I went out
and watched a film with him on the computer while he munched at some sugar
cane.( how much can this boy eat?!).


I grew tired and joined Sarah in bed after
half an hour of the loud Japanese cartoon, which involved crudely drawn characters
farting about doing things which I didn’t understand or care about. This poor
boy. His grandfather has to drop him off at one of his employee’s houses, he
only eats Dico’s or KFC, he is very fat. He is so cleaver, when Sarah taught
him English he learnt at an alarming rate, Because of his Grandfather who is
the owner of the big hotel and the communist training centre he has a future
ahead of him but I can just tell he is going to put everyone’s backs up with
his weird arrogance, Also if he keeps eating like he did today (and he does
apparently) then he is going to have some serious health problems. Also it made
me think that in the UK if your boss asked you to look after his grandson it
would be more than reasonable to say no, but here it’s just not the same. It
would have been very hard for Mum to say no and it might have caused more trouble
than it’s worth. If I stay in China for a long time, which I think I will. I
want to keep this sort of thing to a minimum.


I joined Sarah in bed for a nap and then I
woke up again at 4:00 and Sam had left at 3:00 after exhausting the whole
family. Why did he come in the first place?. But just as the relief that Sam
had left enveloped me the realization dawned that Linda was coming up the
stairs so I would have to teach her


I taught Linda for her last lesson, giving
her chocolate and sugar cane as we reread the story of the lazy fly. The hour
crept past slowly and I realized that after only one week of not teaching I was
a bit out of shape. She left after the hour and she forgot her identity card so
I called her back up stairs and put it round her neck on the string it was on.
Sarah had just finished teaching an older student of hers also called Linda she
was 17 years old. I had a short chat with her for 10 minutes and she told me
that she practices Erhu( Erhu is played like a cello but only has a few strings
and is much smaller and simpler looking than a cello… here is a link which
describes it in more depth ). TEN HOURS!!!! That
is obscene. I remember when I briefly played the saxophone I may be played an
hour a day at best. Also I don’t think she was lying or bragging, I am sure
many people practice that amount, and this is during her holidays when she has
free time from her usual grueling middle school engagements.


In the evening Sarah and I went out for a
meal with Lu Yuen and Phiona. Phiona is an old student of mine who is planning
to go to Australia next month. This would be the last time I would see both of
them. They were both a bit glum when we met up. Lu Yuen had some personal problems
and Phiona was a bit nerves about going to Australia. We went to a shrimp restaurant
(well it’s not really a shrimp restaurant but Sarah and I call it that because they
have good shrimps there). But it was too crowded so we went to a Korean bbq place
just down the road. It was also packed but we waited for 20 minutes and then
got a table. We ordered a substantial amount of food. Including Spicy vinegar
noodles, which brew my mind because they were so tasty, sliced salty fish which
equally blew my mind and an array of other dishes including ones which were
cooked for us by a chief in front on our table. Also Phiona brought along some
of her Dads homemade wine ( homemade always rings alarm bells for me when it
comes to drinking). It was about 60 % and apparently he drank a small cup a day
because it has medicinal properties (that’s why I drink everyday as well….for
medicinal reasons) but anywho it did have a herb taste so I think it’s true. I
drank almost the whole (small) bottle and a few beers. I was pretty merry and
even chanced a few rude jokes with Lu Yuen and Phiona, Phiona didn’t understand
them and I think Lu Yuen found them very embarrassing, that only made it
funnier. Also a trio of brave little boys approached me and practiced there
English with me for a second until they got too nerves and ran away. It was a
very relaxing meal. Chatting away listening to Phionas worries about Australia
made me think about my first time in China and I thought that all the things I
worried about before I left never came true…a whole new set of real problems
came along when I arrived.


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