Wednesday, February 17, 2010,I don’t really
feel like writing today. I cannot be bothered to bore myself and my few readers
with the same sort of stories as the last few days. Maybe writing a blog every
day is not such a good idea. Basically I got up late, ate, got drunk, came home,
continued to get horrifically drunk then had supper at home. Got annoyed that
we were having supper at home seeing as we had arranged to have supper out side.
Got more drunk (on wine mixed with sprite, WHY!!?) and angry, went to the park
and did angry Taiji. Realized how unfit I was, had a shameful cigarette. Went
home and got more drunk.


I could talk about the amazing meal we had
for lunch but why
. The problem with amazing is when you have amazing all the time it
gets boring. Sometimes I just want a sand wedge and to sit alone and eat
without people shoveling food on my plate and talking about food all the bloody
time. Food this and food that, Oh isn’t this food nice, oh yes it is. Do you
know how much this food costs? Do you like the food? Are you hungry?, eat
something. Have some meat, drink this eat that. Hear let me put this whole pig
on your plate, WHAT? You’re full!!!! But you have only been eating for 2 hours.
Mmmmm what shall we have for supper?


Oh my god, it is ridiculous how much people
can talk about food. Today I grew sickeningly tired of it all. I am weary of
this place.


I need to go to Hainan. To have our own
flat, our own food and our own freedom. I don’t even feel bad about resenting
being here anymore. I am grateful for being looked after but I still want to
get the hell out of here.


Well I suppose I was bothered enough to
write a blog today.


….just as an end note it was Dads idea to
mix the sprite with the wine, I think because I have been mixing the Absinth
with water and sugar he may be felt like it was mixing season. It’s like when
Mum Sarah and I were sitting on the sofas a few months ago, all of us in our
long johns. Dad was on the computer and I told Sarah that Dad was the only one
who didn’t have his long johns on. A few minutes later he sauntered out of his
room in his long johns, looking nonchalant. I think he just wanted to be


One thought on “PART 23

  1. Timmy, hang on there, I really enjoy reading your blog and I am sure I am not the only one…I always look forward to reading something from you, so I was very pleased when you started writing more often. Your blog also seems to get better and better every time, somehow you are more honest and that is what makes it so good. In fact, it so isn’t just about the same old thing over and over again, even though it might seem to you as such because of the situation you have to deal with at the moment. Sometimes enough is enough…I know the feeling, trust me. You have done very well, you have lived with a chinese family for some months now. Which is good, it must have given you so much, even though you don’t like every minute of it and it isn’t always amazing. But that is ok, the important thing is, that you have gone through the experience. That is life, it isn’t always amazing, you are experiencing a different lifestyle and you are learning so much about yourself along the way. And you write about your life beautifully, so please keep it up. I love reading you! Thinking of you…and don’t worry a few more sleeps and you are on your next advanture. Proud of you…just don’t smoke! all my love Barch xxx

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