Tuesday, 16th, February, 2010. I
woke up at 2 in the afternoon today. After reading repeated complaints on my
blog that she was waking me up in the morning Sarah decided to let my lie and I
got up when I pleased today.  When I eventually
got up I put on my thick long johns and coat and went out and had lunch. I didn’t
eat much as I was still half asleep. I then went back to bed. I spent the rest
of the day sitting on my posterior watching films in quiet bliss. I had a few
glasses of absinth to help lubricate the day and whoosh I was off. In the
evening we met up with Jiang di. One of Sarah’s close friends. We went to KFC
but it was too crowded to sit down and we waited outside and ate Xin Jiange barbecued
lamb. When KFC had less people we went in and sat down. While Sarah and Jiang
di were ordering another of Sarah’s friends came and joined me. His name was Gavin,
he is a salesman for Toshiba in Shanghai but he has come back to Xin Zhou for
the spring festival to see his parents. He looks a bit like Mr. Bean and has an
incredibly oily face. He is also very funny in a similar fashion to Mr. Bean.
He had called Sarah last night saying that he rather liked Jiang di. I was
interested to see if they would hit it off. There were no outward signs of
affection but after the meal when Sarah asked Jiang di if she wanted to get a
taxi she said she would walk with Gavin for a while. Sarah and I left them. We
walked home giggling and laughing.


Sarah wanted to have some rice noodles on
the way back but all of the small restaurants apart from the big hot pot ones
had shut down for spring festival. All the different people from different provinces
had gone home. The streets were very empty and it was calming to walk along the
street without the sound of rushing honking traffic and having to weave our way
though the crowds. It was in fact a little eerie, walking through the quiet
almost empty streets. When we got home we just watched another film. And here I
am again, finding that when I write a blog every day they get shorter and
shorter. I don’t know if it’s because I am getting bored or because there is
less to write about. Neither seems true. I just think it’s because I am on
holiday now and wisely I am doing less. Anywho till tomorrow, Zai jian


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