makes any sense)


I woke up 10 minutes before Ariel was meant
to arrive, I leapt out of bed and tidied the room, washed my face and brushed
my teeth and tried quickly to get my brain working. Unlike my usually laboring
job in England where I could get up with a horrible hang over, not have a
shower throw on some rags and blearily go to work, with teaching I feel like I
need to look and feel fresh. Usually I do but today I didn’t. Ariel came in and
immediately asked me “are you tired?”, I woke up quickly, sneaking the odd yawn
as Ariel looked down at her notes. After the lesson I went back into our room
and dozed away while listening to some music. I noticed that Mum was not at
work and in her obsessive manner she was cleaning everything. She did all the clothes
washing then cleaned all the windows. I saw he perching on the sill, half out
the window mopping the outside of the window, A pointless action I think as in
one day the window is going to be just as dirty again. She mopped the floor,
cooked us lunch, asked me to take off the glass light shades from the chandeliers
and she washed them. She washed all the pillow cases; she washed the doors she
washed around the walls. She probable washed things which I don’t even know about.
I could sense that she wanted to get in out room and have a dam good scrub. I
could just feel it, but she was too polite to say. I got a phone call from an English
school in Hainan, I was taking it and I walked out of our room, in a flash Mum
darted in and I heard vigorous cleaning noises.


After my phone call She then asked me to
take the glass shades off the chandeliers in Sarah’s room, I got a chair and
put is on our bed and stood on it. I reach up high to the chandeliers thinking
that one should not put a chair on a wobbly bed, as I was thinking this my
world was taken away from under me, as I fell in slow motion I thought to myself
“why am I falling the chair was not near the edge”. I hit the bed softly and
bounced a bit, I noticed that I had broken the chair; I had literally bent the
metal legs and crushed it. As I lay there pondering what had just happened I remembered
that I had recently put on a lot of weight. The day before I had weighed myself
in a chemist and I was 99kg I didn’t think this was right so I went to another
one and I weighed 98kg.


So I have become a fatty. I sheepishly took
the chair down to the street while Sarah and Mum laughed at me. The rest of the
day I just watched films and ate, I didn’t feel like doing my TEFL, I had had a
busy weekend of teaching and I felt like I needed a break. The rest of the day
was uneventful; we went out with Lu Yuen to KFC for an ice cream. As we were
walking out Lu Yuen was saying that she had seen a few black people in Xin Zhuo
city. I told her that my cousin was going to marry a black man this year, Lu Yuen
looked shocked and stopped in her tracks. “But why?” she asked in amazement.
Well I suppose they are in love I said, she laughed. “I don’t understand why a westerner
would be with a black man” she said.


“Blacks only wash their hair twice a year”,
I laughed out loud, that was the most ridiculous racist remark I had ever
heard. I am sure that’s not true I said. Lu Yuen jumped up and down hysterically
laughing “ it’s true, it’s true”, “ also they smell also”. She then became very
curious “also they have white palms and feet”, she thought for a minute and
told me a very racist joke about why black people have whiter hands and white
skin under their feet, It was something about them being like monkeys when god
colored everyone and they were on the ground and only their hands and feet were
turned white, I didn’t really understand she explained it badly.


What’s even more unbelievable is when we
were having a meal a week ago she was complaining about how her tutor in England
was racist, she even looked shocked and told me “Sarah is racist, she does not
like blacks”. Sarah is not racist at all. We do both find Lu Yuen very funny
when she is like this. I know racism is not a light subject and it’s not something
to take lightly if one of your friends turns out to be racist, but Lu Yuan is
just too silly to take seriously when she talks about black people.


We kept walking along and went into a fruit
shop and I wanted to buy a durian fruit, but its didn’t look very nice so we
left it, we will have plenty when we move down to Haikuo. When we got to our
front door Sarah asked Lu Yuen, “my chin is cold, its yours?”, “oh no I left my
scarf in KFC!”, Lu Yuen said. We all got a taxi back to KFC all the while Lu
Yuen saying “oh it’s a Scottish scarf I hope its still there”. It was there and
so we just went back home again. On the road we saw a couple shouting down a
dark street. “The woman had so much blood on her coat”, Lu Yuen said. I didn’t see
any blood but it was dark outside.

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