As the snow has slowly started to melt, things are looking a bit less pristeen and pure. A few days ago there was a bright white blanket covering roof tops, the streets and the trees, and even the snow man Sarah and I had created was only a bump above the 3 feet of snow. Now however the snow has been shoveled into massive piles and thick dirty ice covers all the pavements and smaller roads.
The whole thing reminded me of a good party. Everying is so hopeful and exciting at the biggining but as the evening wares on and the sun rises you see the dank and unclean side of things and you just want it all to end.
The big piles of compact snow are used by the restarunts to dump old food and rubbish on. So they now resemble big piles of vomit. The pavements are so trecherous that I really dread going out on them. On my walk to school I can always see someone falling over and on occasion a unfortunate cyclist being debiked.

 Usually its women with high heals on, trying to walk on the uneven thick brown ice. Or a old person who losses there footing. Everyone seems to laugh when they fall over which I think is very good. It sets me off and I join in the laughing. I have not fallen over yet but I have almost fallen over more times than I can count. I had a really good one today.

Just minding my own busness when a peace of ice decided to play silly buggers with me, I felt my legs going out so I thrust my hands in the air to balence and bent my nees, also not forgetting to let out a kind of michael jackson "AUW!". This drew some startled looks. I walked off feeling a bit imbarressed but having a quiet laugh to my self. Finally I arrived at school to find that most of the students were de icing the basketball courts, I walked passed them and into the courtyard which is over looked by the students rooms, fours stories high. This is usualy were we meet before practise. One of the wrestling students cought my eye and becond me up to the balcony of his room. I went up to the forth floor and some of the students were playing around on the walkway. I noticed that one of them had a metal bb gun and was pointing it in people faces.

We then went into one of there rooms. It turned out to be a long room with bunk beds on eather side, a cold concreat floor and hard mattresses. many of the student were still asleep. I asked if there was training today and they said no. I assume it was because everyone was helping clear up the snow. Appart from them it seemed. I heard some shouting out side and all the students in the room giggled and gestured each other to keep quiet. I assume it was one of the teacher calling to see where they were. Suddenly the BB gun entred with his owner and started firing at everyone and everything. BB pellits wizzing and pinging of everyone and everything.

 Not wanting to be the lucky one to get the first BB pellit  in the eye a baid them good day and went back home. Receiving a friendly BB pellit in the leg as I exited. As I reentred the court yard one of the techers noticed me and asked if the students were up stairs. I tried to dodge the question and just said "no training today" he asked again and I told him that some people were up stairs. He thanked me and jogged off calling there names angrily. I felt a bit bad grassing them up but in the end I would rather have the trust of the teacher than the respect of some teenagers.

I made my way home again. observing a man falling off his electric bike and yet again seeing a young woman falling over with high heels on. I got home in the end and had a rest before my next student. She is going to take a english test next week and wants to study before. She is very nervus and shy. Some students ask for a english name some dont want one because they feel like they will loose there Chinese name.

I am going to give her the name Claire, I think it suits her. She is a bit chubby but beutiful. I enjoy giving names to my students. It has a pleasing significans. I have named lots of people after my friends and some after Disney charicters. There is one very cute little girl who I named Tinkabell. The thing is she cannot remember it. I say "whats your name?" and she says "my name is baobei" in chinese.
So Claire wants to get a good grade so she can go and study in Sydney. She also writtes poetry and is in the process of writting a novel. She is very interesting and alot more open minded than most of the people I have met in this city. The sad thing is that I dont think her english is good enough at the moment. She has the potential, but gets too nervus and hesitates. which is not good in the IELTS english exam. If she studies hard this week she may have a chance.

The strange thing is that I am starting to think and care more about the students now than my wrestling. In one sence I dont like that because some of the students are a real pain in the arse and frankly I want to throw some of them out the window. Especially Peter." oooohhh! peter your pushing me boy!". But still its interesting to see them getting better. sometimes making giant leaps sometimes grinding to a halt. Maybe if I threw Peter out of the window he would make some progress?.


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